XML gauge/panel project for the B717

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Postby deeknow » Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:04 pm

I've been enjoying flying the CLS MD80 lately, have clocked up a few hours now and have done a few repaints for it, so thought I'd branch out a little and look at the MD95/B717 and it's glass cockpit to see what is available in Sim land.

Wasn't impressed enough with the detail of the PerfectFlight B717 to purchase it, and although there are some nice freeware models from HJG and SGA I couldn't find a freebie panel that had all gauges working in FSX (most seem to be FS9 with some legacy components that arent compatible)

So I figuired why not build a custom panel using whatever gauges I have access to and then use it on the HJG model.

I ended up knocking out the panel in the screenshot following. It uses a tailored version of the background image from the CLS MD80 steam panel, has the MD11 style (very similar to that used in the B717) payware ND from ISG, and engine and PFD displays in B717-style surrounds left and right of it. Have ripped out all the old steam gauges from below the glare-shield and kept the MD80 style MFD which is close enough. Re-positioned the gear lever and lights and added the standby attitude indicator between the CDUs as per the real world B717 layout.

The one final detail which I'm most pleased with is I built my very own custom XML gauge for the Fuel display on the right-most EFIS.

This was my first attempt at an XML gauge, was frustrating as hell for a few hours reading tutorials, finding tools, and trial and error to get it working but am really pleased with how it turned out. There are gauge-text values tied to the live left, center and right fuel levels, and the GW and total fuel amounts. There are also overlay bitmaps in green (as per the real world panel) which hi-light pumps and routes to whichever of the two main engines or APU is currently operating and drawing fuel, hiding themselves to show the white underneath when that respective engine is shut down.

Am planning to go on and develop the EFIS panel to include the other B717 pages such as Air, Hydraulics, Status, Config, Electrical etc. Obviously not all elements will be active unless they are surfaced by the aircraft so there will be some smoke-n-mirrors, but it should be a fun project. If anyone else is interested in the MD95/B717 let me know and I can send you copies of the panel as it develops. Please note: you will need the payware CLS MD80 and ISG gauges otherwise many of the gauges wont be functional.
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